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Let me introduce myself. I grew up in New England and North Florida. In high school I studied with and was greatly influenced by Mrs. Eugenia Wallace, my art teacher. There I learned a lot of the basics. I also was able to take one art class in college as an elective. At Jacksonville University, my major was Medical Technology. I went on to work at Shands Hospital for twelve years. In 1996, I started studying at Florida Coastal School of Law, and received my Juris Doctorate in December, 2001.

I prefer painting at this point in my life because it allows me to be able to enjoy time with my family. I have enjoyed traveling over the years and have taken many photos with the hope to be able to use them to make create beautiful paintings one day. I have always loved the impressionist works of Monet and Van Gogh.

I enjoy experimenting with acrylics and have tried to create my own impressionistic style. A poster I painted was recognized by the Louisville press and I was invited to the Louisville Premiere of the movie “Elizabethtown”. There, both Cameron Crowe and Orlando bloom commended my work and gave me their autographs on my poster.

Please respect all copyrights. I fully intend to preserve and retain all of my copyrights.


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