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Hello to all, visiting Veldenzart.com! Hope you enjoy this wonderful website ceated by my husband - Henry Veldenz

I studied art basics in high school for 4 years with Mrs. Eugenia Wallace. I thouroughly enjoyed humanities and basic drawing classes, as electives in college. My college major was in Medical Technology,therefore, my time was given to studying the required classes usually involving biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. These were allvery interesting and challenging. While working as a healthcare professional, I went back to school to study law during the evenings. I loved studying and learning about our country's Constitution and legal history, and may look for work in one of the professions in the future if need be.

For now, my joy in life, is creating beautiful works of art. Several years ago, I was introduced to a group of ladies who enjoyed painting together every week. Some were retired school teachers.Nona Atkinsson and Mary Lou Hall, were two of the ladies who gave me a few pointers, as well as, support. I am grateful to all of the Tuesday morning art group artists for their contributions in advancing my style of art.

My stylee usualy involves texture, because I find it attractive and interesting to see the shadows from the texture, create different dimensions to the work. The subjects I enjoy painting are sea scapes, still life, and landscapes. I usually work from my own photographs I have taken when traveling or just scenery from my own home and neighborhood. Sometimes I work from memory. I am inspired by many artists, but mostly it is the impressionist works of Monet and Van Gogh that I love.

By having this website, people from all over the globe have been able to see my work. One school teacher from Hawaii used a painting as a teaching aid. Another non-profit asked for permission to use my work for their own web site, as an introduction. I am very happy to announce that tere about 1000 visitors to my website a month. To all of my visitors and past and future patrons, thanks for your continued support. Kim V.

Please respect all copyrights. I fully intend to preserve and retain all of my copyrights.


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