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Welcome to Veldenz Art. Feel free to look at the works presented. Many can be obtained in cards, prints, or Giclee reproductions.

Many originals are currently in private collections, but commission work is available.


NEW: October 03,2015:

Here it is again another year since posting some of my new work. I still obviously have my love of Florida land and seascapes with the featured Sunshine on Fort Matanzas Inlet as seen on the right.

I also donated another painting for the Hardin/Larue County Community Free Medical Clinic fund raising this year, called Silver Bird. It is a traditional beach scene for me in acrylics.

See the Commissions page for some of my established work.

The B N Venito commission collection. See my work for a rental condominium project (this is also a great vacation rental location!) Prints are available if requested!

Also check out the commission page for my Commision: "Tay Tay at the Beach."


Remember the Kimpressionist site for unique originals for sale!

New:Sunshine on Fort Matanzas Inlet -A new
work done this fall in 2015.

Fort Matanzas

This is an acrylic land/seascape, 16" x 20" on canvas.

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